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Family Office Advisory

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families face increasingly complex challenges in managing their wealth and fulfilling their families’ needs in many forms.


You and your family are likely to have multiple bank accounts, business entities, or investments in different industries, and need to deal with plenty of service providers. You may need somebody to help you to manage, so you can focus on the fields in which you excel, and your family can achieve broader objectives.


Alongside your family, we understand your family’s needs and walk with you on the journey to set up your family office, build a family strategic plan, execute, and refine it along the way to achieve your family’s short-term and long-term goals.


Our team provides a wide array of highly personalized services, that the scope of services is tailored to your family’s specific requirements and preferences. We have in place an ecosystem of complementary businesses to support your family with extensive services, for example, taxation and legacy matters, inter-generational wealth transfer, and other governance-related activities.


Whether a Single or Multi-Family Office suits your needs, we will assess accordingly and provide you with the best solutions.

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Benefits of Family Office


  • High level of confidentiality

  • Efficient tax management

  • Succession planning for family businesses

  • One-stop shop serving the needs of the family

  • Professionalize wealth management and family-related activities

  • Time and cost efficiency compared to utilizing a range of external advisers

  • Consolidate various business entities and investments under a family office structure

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