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Family Office Advisory

You and your family are likely to have multiple bank accounts, business entities, and investments in different industries and need to deal with plenty of service providers. You may need somebody to help you to manage, so you can focus on the fields in which you excel and your family can achieve broader objectives.



Our highly experienced team and our long-term partnerships in the finance industry enable us access to specialized and well-diversified investment vehicles, and demonstrate comprehensive investment management services. Our investment strategies and solutions are independent, pragmatic, and in your best interest.



The goal of wealth management is not only to protect your wealth, but to involve other planning and investments. From real estate, insurance, trust, legacy and tax planning, education, philanthropy to governance, our team and our specialized partners dedicate advisory or design the structure that is tailored made to your needs and objectives.

Canary Wharf London
Variable Capital Company (VCC) and Private Equity 

Singapore has led South-East Asia (“SEA”) in the ecosystem for start-ups and is also a key base for managers of PE funds to target the PE deals in SEA. 


VCC, the corporate structure in Singapore, recently has attracted numerous investment funds and family offices. VCC can be established as a single standalone or an umbrella fund with several sub-funds holding different investments.

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